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Who is Hedda?

Hedda is a skilled designer.

A member of the Chicago Metal Arts Guild, Hedda shows her work in shops, fairs, and other venues.

She continuously replenishes an extensive collection of sterling silver, copper, and brass bracelets, earrings, pendants, and pins.

She would welcome an enquiry from you.

Hedda is a lady
with élan.

Hedda costumes herself with a flair and style that are distinctive and widely admired. She has designed clothes for herself, and made her own jewelry in different styles and materials. Many people asked where she found her unusual silver, copper, and brass earrings, bracelets, pendants, and pins. So Hedda, who loves the creative process, decided to make pieces for others as well.

Hedda is a creative soul.

She started her working life in the theater, where she created Frenchie in the original production of "Grease." She was a founder of Pary Production Company, and has been active on the Chicago stage.

In fact, Hedda has always been an artist, working in a variety of media in high school, college, and ever since. copyright 2005: site designed and maintained by Hannah Jennings Design at