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How the Jewelry Is Made

Hedda’s artistic process


“When I’m making a piece I open my jewelry box of tools and parts and fasteners and bits and pieces of silver, copper, and brass. Something catches my eye, and I see an image: a silver disc is Wonder Woman, a triangle is an arrow, a ring is a flower.”

“Shapes flow together, and firing brings out unexpected lines and colors that take me in new directions.”

Hedda believes that each bracelet or pendant is made just for the person who wears it. “Someone looks at these very individual pieces and says, ‘This one!’ That moment of recognition means that it was made for her.”



All the most dramatic actresses wear handcrafted bracelets
by Hedda.

Materials and technique



Sterling silver, copper, and/or brass, and sometimes stones or found objects, are combined into a basic design. Even at this early stage, each piece is individual: there are no molds or models in use.


The pieces are fired in a process called "fusion." A torch heats the metal until it combines and flows together. The firing creates patinas, new shapes, and interesting textures. The design is refined, and firing repeated, until the piece satisfies Hedda.


Pieces are sanded, sawed, drilled, ground, polished, and soldered to fasteners as appropriate (earring posts or hooks are sterling silver)


Patinas, including copper items, are sealed and will not change color.


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